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MaNdate 12 January 2012

Nov 27 2018 A Day to Give
#GivingTuesday article in Repoter Herald.
Aug 13 2018 Donors, Sponsors and Volunteers from the 2018 7th Annual Golf Tournament
Thank you to all the donors, sponsors and volunteers this year at our annual golf tournament. We also wish to thank the players.
Jul 28 2018 Called to Help in Uganda
Think Humanity takes multi-faceted approach to improve lives of African women, refugees
By Shelley Widhalm
For the Reporter-Herald
Jan 31 2018 Do Justice! Advocacy
This G.L.O.B.A.L. Justice session (video panelists) was on how to bring justice to orphan care, poverty, and violence with advocacy leaders; featuring panelists Nina Balmaceda with Peace and Hope International, Beth Heckel with Think Humanity and Phil Darke with Providence World. Sosamma Samuel-Burnett, moderator and Founder of G.L.O.B.A.L. Justice.
Dec 31 2017 Hoima struggles with poor maternal healthcare
Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) such as Think Humanity (TH) have been handy in providing maternal care to mothers in remote areas such as Kyangwali subcounty. TH runs a clinic that offers maternal services to refugees in Kyangwali refugee camp.
Dec 30 2017 HopeDignity Shop
Think Humanity has an online shop if you are interested in products made by refugee women in Uganda.
Dec 29 2017 Think Humanity Blogs
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Dec 28 2017 Archived TH Newsletters
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Aug 10 2017 Think Humanity's Podcast Interview with Humanity's Capacity
Humanity's Capacity is dedicated to speaking with the individuals that decided to be change makers that the World needs. Our intention is to learn from these unique individuals so we can all make a difference and support each other in our only home that we all share.
May 31 2017 High School Students Save Lives with Birthing Kits
The Thompson students meet at FRCC-Loveland and the Poudre students at FRCC-Larimer Campus gathered as one at FRCC-Loveland to prepare these birthing kits for distribution in refugee camps in Uganda.
Sep 02 2015 Moms Turned Away from Birthing Centers
Huffington Post. When a pregnant woman reached a Uganda clinic in 2009 prepared to give birth, she was abruptly turned away. The facility wouldnt treat her because she didnt have a plastic sheet with her.

The woman retreated to a bush where she and her baby were later found dead, Beth Heckel, founder of Think Humanity, told The Huffington Post.
Aug 25 2015 Women in Labor Refused Help Without One of These
USA Today. A plastic sheet packed by Colorado volunteers could be the difference between life and death for expecting moms and their babies in Ugandan refugee camps. Think Humanity partners with Fort Collins Zonta and Chamber of Commerce to provide birthing kits to refugees in Uganda.
Aug 20 2015 Birthing Kits Save Babies in Uganda
Coloradoan. Zonta Club of Fort Collins and volunteers from Fort Collins Chamber made 400 birthing kits Thursday morning for Think Humanity, a Loveland-based nonprofit that works in underdeveloped regions of Uganda. Sarah Jane Kyle/The Coloradoan
Jul 24 2015 Colorado Women of Vision 2015
Coloradoan article on the Women of Vision honored at their annual gala event on July 22, 2015.
Feb 25 2015 Think Humanity on eTown Radio Show
eTown Radio Show Broadcast rebroadcast February 25-March 4, 2015.
Original air dates: January 8th, 2014 January 14th , 2014
E-Chievement Award: Beth Heckel
Award winner fighting malaria in Uganda
Feb 23 2015 Ethical Living, TH partners in Australia
Check out how Ethical Living has helped Think Humanity. Click the link below.
Apr 10 2013 Think Humanity provides, support and education
Think Humanity Inc. is not just about buying bed nets for refugees in Uganda or building a well for a village. Those things are part, but not all of its mission.